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I'm part of a Secret Santa this year, and need to make a journal about the characters I would want as a present.
So here goooees:


1  -  Suzaku Falena Xifeng  
(woman on the left)
- Fire Dragon Blood
- Weapons: double hatchets
She is Queen of the country of Falena (this is a country OUT of the realm, south east in creation... of course, it's totally made up XD)
Personnality: She is exentric and open minded. Very opened about her sexuality and loves above all her country.
As for clothes... she wears mostly chinese inspired clothes 90% of the time, with jewels and embroideries. The last 10% is spend either naked or in yukatas.
edit: here's a little more detail... she is 5'8, constantly wears high heels... brown hair, brown eyes, white skin. Her hair is insanely long and also either braided or brought up with chinese ornaments in it... As for her measurements... she is VERY WELL endowed, lets leave it at that XD (no visible breeding)

She is married to, my second character.

2  -  Amyot  
(man on the right)
- Earth Dragon Blood
- Weapon: Hammer
He is a traveler and never mentioned where he was from. He as no last name and will  not really talk about his best.
His skills as a scholar as given him right to marry the Queen of Falena. (that does not make him King however) Even if HE loves her deeply, she however... only but cares for him.
They both agreed that they could see other people, even while in a relationship, but all the children that she would have would be only is own.
I'm sure you've figured out by now, that he is very submissive, kind and would do anything and everything for his Queen.
As for clothes... he mostly wears clothes inspired by kimonos. As long as it's comfortable.
edit: a little more details... he is 6' foot tall. He has hair is about mid back long and a strange yellowy kind of brown. His eyes are yellow and he wears glasses. His skin is a darker shade sort of as if he was always a little tanned. (no visible breeding)

3  -  Suzaku Falena Song
- Fire Dragon Blooded
- Weapons: War fans
Is Xifeng's grand child. She is next in line for the throne of Falena, in competition with a close cousin, Lu Shu.
She is hard headed and playful. Her skills are mostly social. She will fight for her country, marry for her country and probably die for her country as well.
Her way of speaking and holding herself always seems kind of royal, since she as been raised with the notion she had a chance to become Queen. She completely believes she is the best candidate for the job.
As for clothes... she wears chinese clothes all the time.
edit: a little more details... she is 5'7, as dark brown hair with streaks of red and red eyes (breeding). Her skin is more or less tanned with deep tones of red (also breeding) She is shape like chopsticks and hides her figure in her chinese clothing. She as no shame however. XD

4  -  Byakko Fujin Vent
(this is :iconfiredragonrem: 's character)
- Wind Dragon Blooded
- Weapon: Bare hands
Vent is Song's future husband.
She believes it's the best move for her country and he is already deeply in love with her. (compared to Xifeng however... she is going to fall in love with him eventually XD).
He is a sweet... loving... and kind man. He gives more than he receives and fights like a bear. XD
He as a twin sister (which you can see in the image) that abuses of his kindness most of the time and can read him like an open book.
His preferable fighting style is Eaven Blade Style.
edit: a little more details... he is 5'9, has a large build. He has black and blue hair (see image for exact representation) His eyes are a light blue and his skin is almost white, with patterns of frost upon its surface (mostly at extremities, the back of the neck, ears and around

I think... that is mostly it. XP
I'm not very good at this kind of stuff x_x


Stéphanie Rodrigue
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I have to do another one D=

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